Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ooooo! ....Don't look now!

Ooooo! Don't look now, but it's nearly time for another

They have a little giveaway going on, and the winner will be chosen on Feb 27th, so
you might want to head over and get your name in for a chance to win some wonderfully
fun art from a few of it's talented artists!
of course this February has fewer days, so
the Emporium will be held on the eve of Feb 28th, at 9:00pm (est).

So, come one, come all, it's Halloween in February! :-)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spring is Springing Sporadically while Buns look on

This is a little WIP gentleman that I'm working on, to be revealed soon.
He'll be my first attempt at a sewn outfit, so wish me luck. So far, I'm more at home with a paint brush
in my hands than needle and thread. Those pins are more dangerous than the thorns on a rose bush!

While the rest of the nation is bound by the chilling grips of snow and ice, here in Southern California
we've been receiving a glimpse now and then of Springs arrival.
The Flowering Pear Trees in the front are in full bloom once again and it's refreshing to see
the honey bees flitting about gathering their sweet perfumed nectar.

The Margarite Daisies have all set their blooms and warm their faces in the sun.

It's been so nice this week that I was able to finish up the orchid shade house and
moved all of the plants into their new home. I think they look very happy in their new abode.

This little fellow is so happy he's tickled pink. :-)
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!