Saturday, March 31, 2012

Professor Bloodgood and his Ectoplasmic Delineator!

Once again it's time for the Ehag Emporium and this month 
we've something extra special. 
The two art groups Ehag (Eclectic Halloween Art Guild) and 
Pfatt (Primitive Folk Art Talk & Tea) have combined their talents for
what they've whimsically titled
a "Screampunk" challenge. 
This combines the Victorian style of Steampunk, with 
fun Halloween overtones and Viola! Screampunk! :-)
You're invited to come on over to the Ehag Emporium and see what other goodies 
the artists have come up with, and over on Ebay you can simply 
search Pfatt and Ehag, to see what's listed for the Screampunk Challenge and beyond as well as over on Etsy.

My offering is Professor Heironymos O. Bloodgood and his
magnificent Ectoplasmic Delineator machine!
The professor is known for his outlandish inventions and he's 
well respected amongst his colleagues, not only for his paranormal
ventures but also his research with Lepidoptera and Coleoptera. (that's Butterflies and Beetles)

Here is a detail shot of his fantastical machine!
The copper generator coils have been known to occasionally
ignite his collar feathers when operating and sparking at full power, but he's none the worse for wear.
The amber energy containment bottle is actually an old Homeopathic remedy bottle, which
contained Arsenicum. After all, one does need a touch of Arsenic for a Halloween theme!

 Professor Bloodgood and his Ectoplasmic Delineator have aparated spectrums at
nearly every corner of the globe, from Magnificent Mansions, Bohemoth Belfrys,
Abandoned Asylums, and Scholarly Science Fairs.

This fun fellow is
Sold ~ Thank You!

As usual, thank you SO very much for your interest!
I love comments so let me know what you think of
Professor O Bloodgood and his Ectoplasmic Delineator! :-)