Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to my Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Giveaway!

It's time, it's time!
For the 6th annual Mad HattersTea Party!
I'd like to thank Vanessa of
A Fanciful Twist for hosting this annual fun event!
If you'd like to continue the excitment from here, 
you can wander over
 and experience many more tea parties 
over at A Fanciful Twist and
continue in the fun!

Come with me and you will see a treasure of delight,
Rabbits wise and starry skies reflect the glowing sight.

Chartreuse green and pink of pinks, and leaves of vibrant hue;
Stone laid paths, an oaken tree, and moss do lend a clue,

Can it be, I surely see a table laid for me?
Pull up a chair, sit down right there,
You're invited to my tea!

Tea Cake and sweets, delightful treats, laid out in such a way,
Brocade of green, birds seldom seen, and antique acorn crochet;

Shall I pour out, a dripping spout, it's such a lovely day,
All my favorites, tea just right. I wonder if there's souffle?

Golden flowers smiling thusly, as I sip the golden brew;
How delightful, how delovely, served from the pot of blue.

What is this, a stolen kiss?
From an unexpected guest?

Every hairs in place, from tail to face
he want's to look his best!

Why this little chap, has seized the day
and wants to be a giveaway! :-)

Along with him, a special book, to remind you of this day.

So enjoy your tea, the flowers too, 
and I'll lay out the protocol for you.

Simply leave a comment with your name attached, 
and follow my blog 
and Facebook. unmatched.
Then when the BLOG followers reach 300 and stay, 
then little bunny and book will be on their way!
No matter, whether short or tall, 
I'll draw one name and ship the lucky winner their haul!
So tell your friends, come one come all,
It's a Possible Impossibilities Giveaway...
and we're having a ball!

Thank you very much for sharing tea with me today,
I hope you enjoyed your fanciful stay!
Come back again any ol day!

Oh.... and best of luck!
It's been fun!