Thursday, September 19, 2013

Berry Goodness, almost Autumn and Ghoultide Gathering!

I wanted to share the delicious get well gift from from my Dad and Carole!
A beautiful arrangement from Edible Arrangements!
Doesn't it look lucious!

Besides the lovely fresh fruit arrangement in a vase, there was a
separate box on the side with Ooolala ...
chocolate dipped Strawberries, bananas and apples!

Talk about a feast for the pallette and the eyes! Everything was so sweet and delicious!!
Thank you SOOO much for my special treat! I absolutely loved it!! :-)

Can you believe that Autumn is only a few days away?!
This little pumpkin can't believe it either! What What?!

I've been out of commission for several weeks with pneumonia (bummer)
 but am slowly getting 
back into the swing of things, and am working on having a 
Halloween piece ready for the Sept Ehag Emporium on the 30th, 
so stay tuned and cross your fingers!

Oh! And wish I could be there but,
 if you happen to be in Chelsea, Michigan on Sept 28th, be sure
and stop in to the Ghoultide Gathering, which is a fabulous show with many of my
artist friends, the top Halloween Folk Artists in the country! 

Also, on the West Coast is the
Halloween and Vine Show, in Petaluma, CA on the same day!
WhooEeee! Amazing artists abound! :-)

None of the new fangled horror stuff, but lots of 
old fashioned and light hearted Halloween goodness in the tradition of days gone by! Fun!