Saturday, December 31, 2011

New work available!

Introducing, "Kafluie!"

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This spritely fellow is quite the handful, I must say!
He's been into everything here in the studio and has even been taking a nip 
or two of the high octane eggnog, in early celebration for New Years!
He's available tonight and is my offering for the final Ehag Emporium of 2011.
If you're interested in adopting Kafluie, then head on over to 

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! 
See you in 2012! :-)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sneak Peek for tomorrow night!

Where in the world has the year gone? Oh my goodness!
It was a lovely Christmas holiday and in one days time, here it is another New Year.
Tomorrow (Saturday) night (9:00pm EST) brings us the last 2011 Ehag Emporium, and I wanted to give  you
a hint of a sneak peek of the little fellow I'll have available.
It's a great feeling to be caught up with commissions, and I'm excited about all the 
pieces that are already in the works for 2012, albeit for a couple of Christmas stragglers 
that I still need to put in my Etsy shop.
I have some new Bunnies and birdies in the works, WhooHoo!, so stay tuned!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

It's a beautiful sunny Christmas morning here in Southern California.
The horses are trotting.

The tree is shiny and bright

The Nesting Dolls are nesting.

The antique Scottish hutch is aglow with country charm.

The trees branches are heavily laden with vivid and cherished memories 
of people and joyous times past and present.

I'd like to take this moment to thank all of you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind 
comments and support this past year, and I'm looking forward to more! 
I'm so very grateful for all of my online and in person friends and I'm so
appreciative for your patronage. I very much
wish you all good fortune and health, as we begin another year.
May we all practice, share and experience kindness, love and peace to all.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a SPECTACULAR New Year! :-)
Thank you everyone! 
~ Deb 

Monday, December 12, 2011

The best Fruit Cake Cookies ever!

The Holly and the Ivy,
When they are both full grown,
Of all the trees that are in the wood,
The holly bears the crown.

 Today is perfect decorating and baking weather, with a gentle rain falling,
and a fire in the fireplace... ahhhh.
In addition to the tree in the living room, this year
I decided to put up a small tree in the front den and
built a little mountain village on top of the bookcase.
What do you think?

The tree is nestled in a turn of the century wooden bucket for a stand, 
and it has several vintage ornaments to add to that old world feel.

I wanted to share our family favorite  Fruit Cake Cookie recipe with all of you. 
These cookies are SO good, and even folks who don't care 
for fruit cake LOVE these!
Put on the kettle for a lovely cup of tea or a dark roast coffee with these delicious cookies,
and hey, they're one of Santa's favorites too! :-)

Fruit Cake Cookies

1/2lb candied cherries chopped
1/2 lb candied Pineapple chopped
1lb candied mixed fruit chopped
1lb white/golden raisins
1lb broken Pecans
Cream 1 stick butter and 1 cp brown sugar~
Add, 4eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.
Mix, 2cps flour with 
3 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp cinnamon
1tsp cloves
1tsp Nutmeg
Add to cream mixture with 2 Tbsp, sweet milk (reg whole milk) and
1/2 cp sherry, brandy, wine or grape juice.
Mix 1 cp flour with the fruit and Nuts and add to the mixture.
Drop from Tbsp onto greased cookie sheet.
Bake 300 degrees (f), about 20mins.
These cookies ripen, just as fruit cake does and they're are so yummy
that even folks who don't like fruit cake, LOVE these!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Wishes to Ye All!

Giving much thanks today for all of the blessings
we are all so fortunate to have received.
May I wish you all health, peace, prosperity and love
shared with family and friends.
Happy Thanksgiving to ye all! :-)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Where have I been?

Some of you may not know that in addition to my art, I'm also
a certified Equinology Equine Body Worker, slowly working on a Master's in Equine Sports Therapy.
The last two weeks I've been up in Petaluma, California attending two classes.
Both classes were outstanding. The first was at the magnificent, Circle Oak Equine, with Dr. Kerry Ridgeway one of the top Accupressure/Alternative and IntegrativeVets, Narrelle Stubbs, Physiotherapist for the Australian Olympic Equestrian Team, and Nicole Rombach, Structural and Cervical Specialist from the UK. 
All of whom presented us with
amazing techniques, case studies and state of the art information, 
new to the equine world, and it was most enlightening. 
The second class was an extra thrill because I was the
videographer for the well known founder of TTouch,
Linda Tellington-Jones. Here she's demonstrating the proper techniques to me, 
and my classmates at Flying Cloud Farm.

 A Vibrant Petaluma Sunrise

I had a couple of free days to explore the countryside and came across this 
wonderful live steam attraction called Traintown, in Sonoma, CA.

If you ever have a chance to stop in, this is a wonderful relaxing place to take the
family. It's reminiscent of gentler times, with lovely ponds, waterfalls, a petting zoo, and of 
course the magnificent trains that take you on an ever changing ride over bridges, past waterfalls, with a stop at a little scale town to visit the animals... just wonderful! A must see for the little ones! 

Vineyards at 45 miles per hour!... Not too bad ay?

November blossoms in Sonoma.

Just had to stop in at Hales Apple farm for some fresh Apple Cider!

The California coast at the end of 116 from Sebastopol.

Trees a glow with Autumnal Glory!

A magnificent 19th century French puppet theatre!
only $18,000

More Sonoma, shops.
Yes, that was a real Cow, or Steer.

When I got home, I decided to tackle refinishing the front door. A word of advice...
I'd refinished this door about 7 years ago and was talked into using the then new, water based
Polyurethane.... Bad idea for an exterior door, as it just didn't hold up. So, I sanded it down and after staining with a nice Mahogany stain, I applied two coats of SparVarnish and Viola! :-) 

Ha Ha! It's not always that easy...
I'd applied the second coat of varnish late in the afternoon, and didn't
notice the heavy fog coming in. I went outside to find everything dripping with dampness and the
door was completely fogged over white. Ahhh! 
I quickly got the door in the house, and cranked up the heat hoping it wasn't too late to hopefully evaporate
 the moisture that had settled.
After two hours the nice glossy shine had once again returned, apparently no worse for the wear. Whew!

So that's where I've been and what I've been up to. This has  been an eclectic trip tick, that's for certain.
I have a pile of tiny JOL pumpkins, snowmen ornaments, bird ornaments, 
grinning gourd goblins, some miniatures, and even a Christmas Chickie or two coming up shortly. Oh yes, did I mention, Jury duty? Dang.

Monday, October 31, 2011

I bid you.... a SpoOOoky Halloween!

Welcome to my Halloween table!
Please, sit down and enjoy...

Eye of toad, bone of dog,
rib of beef and hair of Hog.
Oink of pig, and Buzzards buzz,
Shall we dine?... just because.
Trick or Treat, well now, lets see,
"this is delicious", it's sting of bee!
Main course finished, and now something sweet,
shall it be bat squeak or a yummy nutmeat?
Pumpkin porridge, with Apple Pan Dowdy,
and a sprinkling of flies wings to make you sing, Howdy!

I'm delighted you could dine with me this evening.
Enjoy the festivities tonight...
and do be dandy, and eat too much candy! :-)

"Candy Corn Kitty" ~ available

"It's Only Halloween My Dear" ~ Available

Ooo! What was that?
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome the Autumn Mist

The Summer faded and we welcomed in the Autumn and it's
rich colors, morning fog, and wood smoke filled air.

This year the fall displays at Roger's Gardens was as glorious as ever
and I just had to capture some of the colors of the season.

I've always loved those little Goat carts, filled to overflow
with pumpkins and squash of every shape, size and color.

The Ehag Emporium is coming up as is of course, Halloween!
Ehag has another great giveaway going on if you want to pop over there
and enter your name.

Do you have your costume picked out yet?
Candy Corn at the ready? :-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fun with Creative Paperclay!

Introducing ....
The flamboyant, frilly and lover of everything pink,
The Moon of Hearts and her Flamingo,"Fontaine"!

How in the world do you start on a project like this?
First, I make certain I have plenty of Creative Paperclay on hand!
Next I create a foundation for my pieces with either entirely Paperclay,
or Aluminum Foil for larger projects.

You can begin shaping a rough form with your hands, then
begin pinching it tighter and with greater detail using needle nose pliers.
This is a wonderful way to play with your shapes and different compositions.
Notice I've used Aluminum Armature wire to join together the Moon head to her body.
I also use the Armature wire for things like spindly legs and long delicate bits. 
This wire is strong, but relatively easy to bend and work with.
Next, it's time to break out your Paperclay!

Generally I begin by rolling the clay into a ball shape, approximately the size of the object I'm making.
Then you want to flatten it, using either the heels of your hands, or a rolling pin. I also work with a ziplock bag and keep my unused clay in there, removing only what I need. 
It's helpful to have a jar of water at the readiness, to dip your fingers in when the clay begins to feel a bit dry. 
Use just a touch of water though, as you don't want to over wet the clay. 
Now begin to press and mold the Paperclay around your foil shape, smoothing and adding details as you go.
Don't forget to use photo references as a visual aid, when possible.

This is "Squishie", a baby Flamingo, and he was my reference
for this cute fellow below. 

Rather than present an entire sculptural tutorial today, I thought I'd share some techniques that you can
use on any Paperclay project to help your pieces look more finished and professional.
Often when sculpting, it can sometimes be challenging, especially for beginners, to achieve
a smooth finish with just your fingers or sculpting tools. An advantage
of Paperclay is that you can sand, carve and drill it after it's dried which is fantastic.
It's also VERY light weight, which is wonderful!
Ideally, I prefer to make my pieces as smooth as possible before it dries, because
not only do I love the look, but it's a real time saver when prepping for painting.
A favorite technique for smoothing, is to have a round paintbrush on hand, of the appropriate size,
and dip it into the jar of water and very very gently brush it across the clay, again being careful not to
get it too wet or you'll wash away your finely worked details.
This water and paintbrush technique, allows you to stretch the working time with 
your Paperclay, and helps to remove unwanted tool marks and blemishes giving your
work a much more finished look.

Combine that with a few feathers,
a dash of glitter on a heart shaped collar,

a few washes of paint, and fabric,
and you have a wonderful art piece!

For more information about Paperclay, 
check out their website
and the Creative Paperclay blog

Moon of Hearts is available in my Etsy shop.
Enjoy your weekend everyone! :-)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Candy Corn Kitty

This Autumnal colored Cat is an original Acrylic painting. I wanted to create the feeling of the changing of the seasons and the essence of Halloween with this mysterious eyed cat.
 Candy Corn is on 8" x 10" archival canvas, and is signed. 
The perfect addition for any fall setting, or feline lover. 
Available HERE.
Custom orders accepted.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sneak Peek for Ehag Emporium on Friday Night~!

Here's  looking at you....
with a little sneak peek that is!
Check back tomorrow at 9:00pm (est) for the

Don't forget they're having a fun Giveway that's being 
drawn tonight, and my little "Grimly" is one of the prizes,
so you might want to pop 
on over and sign up! :-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Boo's Prayer

"Boo's Prayer"

This is a special little 5 x 7  painting I did for a friend of mine. :-)