Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chickie bird at the Ehag Emporium

Looks who's Trick or Treating over at the
Ehag Emporium tonight at 9pm (est)!

This little Chickie is so excited for Fall to
arrive and is parading around in her knew Halloween costume
with a homemade treat bucket in hand, a wee bit early.

She's 5" tall to the tip of her pointy hat and is hand sculpted of Papermache. 
Her burlap shawl is delicately fastened with a vintage brass bell and
her little hat has a vintage wool pipe cleaner and upswept orange trim.

This happy little Chickie is such a joy, and was designed and
handmade by me,
 and she's available tonight. :-)
Purchase Here

What's blooming in my garden?

Australian Sweet Broom 



Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Praying Mantis hatched on Mother's Day!

Two weeks ago, at the Garden Show, I bought a container with two
Praying Mantis egg cases. Each case can contain anywhere
from 50 to 200 babies.
I've had them on my desk and keeping an eye on them hoping to be 
able to see the hatching. The tricky bit is that if I wasn't home
to see it and quickly release them, they would slowly begin
to prey upon one another as they have ravenous appetites upon hatching.

Well, tonight I was getting ready to shut down the computer and a subtle
movement caught my eye.
"Oh my gosh! They've hatched!"
Through the wire mesh I could see tiny 1/4 inch Mantis babies peeping 
through the wire, saying, "excuse us, but could you please let us out?"
Aren't they cute! :-)

With flashlight in hand, I took the container outside and dispersed the little guys 
throughout the garden, and nestled the container with the still hatching babies 
in the middle of the ribbon grass in the hopes it will offer the cases some
 protection from predators till they all make their way out into the garden.
God Speed little guys! 
Hope you survive the wilderness and Happy Mother's Day to me! 
What? Isn't everyone a Praying Mantis Mom? :-)
Well, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!