Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hallow's Eve is Nigh...

In my travels visiting relatives in Tennessee a few years back, I came across this
 amazing grave of a Civil War officer. I wish I'd photographed the stone in greater detail
 so that I knew his name.
The decorative cast iron is rusty and blackberries have over taken it, but in all
of it's disrepair, it is a thing of beauty. He must have been an elegant fellow.

My workbench and latest Papier mache' creation, a Belsnickle. I'm still working on his boots
 and am trying a black undercoat on for size to aid the antiquing effect.

Although this is the height of the season, and I should have been working on pieces,
 I've used these last few weeks to prepare for Halloween night and organize and tidy
my overflowing work benches. You know that feeling of when you know you have that one particular tool,
bit of fabric, or supplies of various sorts, only to spend more time looking for it than had you simply gone out and bought another? Sometimes the studio has a mind of it's own and during the night, it rearranges things and puts them somewhere... never to be seen again... or, at least not until after you no longer need it. Perhaps it's poltergeists but, in this case I rather think not.

For the last 35 years or so I've always eerily decorated the house for the Trick or Treaters.
This was a delicious dinner table set with a Boars head as the main dish, Coyote skull
for the appitizer and of course, blood red wine and pumpkin crudete'. All on
anitique china and elegant crystal.
Some years it's been a laboratory and others the appearance of an abandoned house, complete
with a months worth of saved leaves strewn on the carpeting and vines growing through the walls. Not to worry, the indoor leaves aren't the norm but we were fixing to get new carpeting so I thought, what the hey!

This year I've decied to do everything outside and hope that the weather holds up. We've been having alot of wind but it's supposed to be perfect the next few days.
I'm working on "Count Karlo's Pandemonium Side Show of the Mysterious". This eerie carnival
 appears from the mist on Halloween night, and just like Brigadoon, by morning, there is nout a trace
of it ever having existed but perhaps the faint smell of popcorn and cider in the air.
I'll post photos Nov.1st.. this is assuming mist is photographable.

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