Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Headless Horseman at the EHAG Emporium tonight!

     Beware the Headless Horseman!

This is a relief sculpture of Paper Mache', which is sculpted directly onto Mahogany wood.
I cut out the design, then sanded and prepared the surface with Gesso.
Once my sculpture was completed, I then painted the details in a rustic style,
reminscent of the old antique cast iron door stops.
My painting style incorporates many layers of acrylic washes. This technique creates an aged effect
which should be seen to truly appreciate.
Because of these many layers, this technique is wonderful visually, yet is extremely challenging
to light and photograph so as to show the pieces true colors
and I've done my best to represent them as accurately as possible.
The low hanging Autumn moon is mounted on a brass rod and set back from
 the main piece, and is removable.

The dimensions are 7 1/4" (H) x 5 3/4" (W)

It's mounted on a wooden base and the entire piece is lightly sealed.
This piece is a signed and numbered one of a kind marked 1/1
See EHAG Emporium for further details.

Thank you very much for looking!

If you're wondering, and asking yourself, does June have 31 days?...No. The Ehag Emporium is so popular that it's been decided to open the Emporium doors at then end of every month, rather than just the months with 31 days. So... you'll have more opportunities to snatch up some fabulous original art directly from the talented artists of the Eclectic Halloween Art Group.

This last month has been filled to overflow with gardening in the beautiful Spring now Summer weather, caring for hatchling Button Quail, getting a new roof (no more tarps on the roof! Hooray!), plumbing repairs,  preparing a booth design for the World Equestrian Games in Lexington Kentucky,
still organizing the studio, and creating art.. whew! At least the list is getting shorter! lol
With all of that....
Here are a few photos from the garden.

This California Poppy has been blooming so beautifully, yet,
the morning after I took this photo I went out and found that the
Raccoons had lounged upon it's soft leaves and petals during the night, and flattened the entire plant beyond recognition.
Silly Raccoon bugs!

This was the first Button Quail fledgling that needed to be brought in from the aviary.
Sometimes the Papa is a bit agressive with the younsters and bowls them over... and over.. so often the chicks need to be put into a brooder for protection for a short while.
He was the smallest of the clutch and so cute.

The Cape Honeysuckle is into it's third flush of color this season.
The Hummingbirds just love it!

This is the bloom from one of the Carnivorous pitcher plants. Amazing!

Looks like I'll be harvesting Crooknecked Squash and Cucumber before long. Yum!


Leah said...

What a cute birdie! Wish we were closer so I could show my kiddos.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I love your Headless Horseman. I'm sure he's spectacular in person. The flower photos are lovely. I saw some button quail for the first time last year at an indoor butterfly/bird house in upstate NY. I love them! Watching them scurry around was more fun than the fancy butterflies.

Designs By CK said...

GREAT Emporium piece and pictures Deb!

Happy 4th to you & yours!

SpOOky CK (-: