Monday, July 19, 2010


Just one more week (well, a week and a half) till the Ehag Emporium once again opens it's doors!
Check out the three great giveaways the Ehag Artists have donated this month.
All you need to do is simply sign up on their blog for a chance to win and be sure to check back
on July 31st for new works from all of the Ehag artists!

Oh.... and one more thing.....
I've been naughty and remiss in not posting this sooner.... but I would like to thank my Virginia friend,
Pam Gracia of "Soft in the Head".
On the 4th of July, I learned that I was the winner of Pam's Tea Party Blog Giveaway! Ha Cha!
Now the tricky bit will be deciding what lovely Soft in the Head item to spend my gift certificate on!
WhooHoo! Thank you Pam!

And another thing.....
PFATT Tuesday is tomorrow so type in PFATT on ebay to see what fun art the members have created for this months theme. My "Miss October 31st" piece is still in the works and will be listed tomorrow evening.

And another... nother... nother... extra thing.....

Here's a bit of beautiful for you!

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