Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Ehag Emporium piece! Malaki of Mordone Marsh...

Before you is the all seeing
"Malaki, of Mordone Marsh"

Born of the ancient and Celtic ways,
Malaki is known as the messenger of days;

The Seer of much, and friend of night's gloom,
Will he predict an impending doom?

In the form of an owl, hold him high as you prance,
On All Hallow's Eve, masquerade in a trance;

Beware, as Goblins, and Goulies appear,
in the glow of the moon and in shivering fear;
They'll whisper of secrets, too frightful to hear...Beware!

"Malaki" is a hand sculpted paper mache piece
created especially for the Aug EHAG Emporium.
His hat is painted and aged fabric, with a German Glass Glitter hat band.
His painted wand is embelished with fine ribbon, brass bells, and tinsel.
Malaki has "Trick or Treat" hand painted on the back of his head.
13" x 3 1/4"
$75.00 + shp

If interested, please e-mail me

Thank you So much for looking!


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

He's awesome! I love the poem and the touch of glitter.

Pattee said...

OMG I love this fellow!!!!
Thank you for joining Odd-Dolls ~
I just love your work!
: ) Pattee

Kristine said...

I Love the creativity in all your characters! ;-)