Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moon's Galore and then some!

Look who have come out to play!

As with so many artists of late, I've been busy with other
projects, but all the while many characters have been
on the workbench awaiting their finishing touches. :-)

This is "Lavendar Moon"

"Scars of Blue"


"The Imp"


"Fell" off the Pumpkin Cart

All of these personalities will be looking for homes
and shall be posted in my Etsy shop soon.

Wishing you all a fantastical weekend! :-)


Len said...

I love them! It would be great to see your work in person.

Jeanne said...

Such wonderful expressions! :0)
They're all so full of Life!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your shop on etsy, and I'm really impressed. I think all these mooms are really wonderful!