Friday, November 30, 2012

"Owlf", the Christmas Owl

Once again I find myself asking, Where did the time go?! Thanksgiving 
is past, November's end is nigh, and the Christmas holidays are
just around the corner in all of it's beautiful sights, songs and heavenly aromas.

It's been raining here the last few days so I've been able to catch up 
on several pieces in the studio. I just mailed out 4 special OOAK ornaments for the
annual PFATT Ornament exchange but I can't reveal those until the lucky
recipients have received their surprises. Well, 
maybe a little sneek peek. "giggle"  :-)

This little fellow is
Owlf, the Christmas Owl. (he's camera shy)

He's been created in a vintage and aged style and is embellished with 
German Glass Glitter. 
He stands on a lovely painted wood planked base.

He holds a wee whisp of a Sprig of a tree, and looks 
simply thrilled to be wearing his little green elf outfit!... 
Well, perhaps he looks somewhat less than thrilled because he is, after all,
 a Halloween Owl moonlighting for the Christmas season, lol, 
and here he stands, waiting for Santa. :-)

Owlf stands 7" (H) x 3"(W). The wooden base is 4" x 4" 

Owlf is the my year end piece for the Ehag Emporium 
and he'll be available HERE tonight at 9pm (est) 6pm (pst) 

Getting ready to decorate the house so doing some extra
spit and polish in readiness, so that's it till next time! :-)

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