Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Veggie Man available!...

For the Ehag Emporium this month I've created something
 a bit different than my usual "unusual" fair.
This is a very pouty and stingy "Veggie man in the moon" named
He's very well behaved until... you try
to take his little Jack O Lantern away from him and then, well,
lets just say it's a right royal veggie conniption! 

 Available  HERE 

I've also been meaning to share this beautiful Amaryllis bloom!

This bulb was a gift from my Dad (Thank YOU!) when he came to visit
at Christmas and the end of January it sent up two 
large stalks and these amazing red blossoms!
There were four in total!

This was the first blooming, and two weeks ago
there was a second flush, and now a third is 
on it's way! Amazing! I thought Orchids gave you alot of 
bloom for your buck, but these are right up there
on the enduring and intensely stunning level as well!

For those that have asked, 
I'm posting the bunnies the end of the week. :-)

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