Saturday, October 26, 2013

Koo Koo Kachoo and Straight on Till Christmas!

My goodness, I know I've been out of commission for a while, but
two months is a bit too much I can tell you!
 I'm ready to put all of that illness hooey behind me now, 
and despite missing all but a few days of the Halloween season, 
I'll just keep moving forward and straight on till Christmas! :-)

Speaking of Halloween....
Since it is nearly upon us, and I know you'll be out 
Trick or Treating on the day itself,
I shall wish one and all a most delightful
All Hallows Eve!.. albeit a smidgen early.
May you all find the houses that have the full sized candy bars!

The garden leaves are starting to turn and with that I'm reminded
of all the memories of seasons past. Those of fond family and friends who
live with us still, or have past on and visit in spirit. 
They're felt in yesterdays thoughts and the hugs of today's laughter.
What is it about the the Autumnal air that kindles the heart's 
fervent glow all the more in remembrance of loved ones?

So today I posted several miniature paintings in my shop.

Many of these are not much bigger than a postage stamp.

And last but not least....
Koo Koo Kachoo...... I am the Walrus.

Everyone needs a little bit of a Walrus in their life now and then! ;-)

Christmas here I come!
Be watching for some sculpted camels and deer!
...... Do you feel it?
Do you sense it?....
There is magic in the air!


Steinworks said...

I do sense the magic in the air and I'll see you at Christmas :)


Rhissanna said...

Still love that walrus! These are amazing little images, Deborah, and must take you ages. I love how the backgrounds match the subject, that little papillon is so sweet against the red curtain.