Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thank You and a Happy New Year!

More often than not, the end of the Christmas holidays brings about the same question for many people... Where in the world did the year go?

Some say the older you get the faster the time goes by. Why is that? Is the earth spinning faster? Is it something to do with the collective consciousness and people seemingly always in a rush nowadays? Whatever it is, we've now bid 2009 farewell and have welcomed in a new year full of promise, best wishes of amazing creativity, health, happiness and improved prosperity for all.

This singular Double Delight Rose bloomed in my garden this weekend and I thought it would be lovely to share it with those who's gardens, cars, and houses and everything else are buried in snow this time of year. Ahh....75 degrees here in Southern California! :-)


I humbly apologize for the delay, (holidays and all) but want to send a huge thank you to Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor of Gypsy Mare Studios. Much to my surprise, I was the winner of Jennifer's Holiday blog giveaway and hense chose this beautiful hand painted pendant from her Etsy collection.
I think this is the coolest tree! THANK YOU Jen!!


AND!! At about the same time, Linda Kennon of Gourdqueen. notified me that I'd won her rolly polly Gourd Santa on the PFATT Blog Giveaway! What a jolly fellow!! THANK YOU Linda!! He's super!

I could hardly believe my luck as to have won not one, but two giveaways! How exciting! I decided to display both of these wonderful pieces as decorations on the small Christmas tree I put on the old antique stove and folks would see them when they first came in the door. I love both pieces and am overjoyed at the new additions to my collection!

Also, Thank you to everyone who purchased my art this last year, and for supporting one of a kind, hand made artisan pieces. I'm so pleased that you like my art and very much appreciate your support, and look forward to creating many more art pieces for you this next year. I've been working on new designs and I'm eager to get back in the studio full force. The paint and clay is calling so stay tuned!
                                                  Love and Peace to All!


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What a beautiful rose! I had put a rose photo on my blog recently but I had to find one in a greenhouse!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

I was so jazzed when this little rose budded out. I thought all of you snowbound folks might enjoy it. :-) Loved your greenhouse shots! Deb