Monday, February 1, 2010

Flamingo Peep

Finally! A little peek into part of what I've been working on for the new year!
This impish pink fellow is part of my latest combo creation,
The Moon of Hearts and her pocket croquet flamingo.

I've been experimenting with rather loud paint colors, which isn't usually the norm for me, but...
So far it's working for this particular project. Queen Moon is nearly finished. Now, if I can find just the right touch of aging... something different perhaps..... I'll be posting her smiling face in a few days.
Despite the news giving the impression that Southern California has been deluged into the sea with so much  rain, I'm happy to say, we're still here with silver lined clouds and the view outside my front door even has a glint of gold at the end of a rainbow.


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Love the eye and the sly smile:)
The rainbow is gorgeous too. Now, when are you going to post those studio pictures?

Lyn said...

thankyou for visiting my blog and becoming a follower.
Glad you can see a glimmer of sunshine through all the rain clouds!

Nancy Lee Malay said...

Oh, Deb, this is an awesome piece!! Just beautiful!!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Thank you everyone! I'm still working on the queen's arms, but her flamingo is grinning and waiting!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...