Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PFATT Tuesday on Wednesday and Whats Blooming!

My PFATT Tuesday, "Mother Goose" poem is
Jack Sprat.

Jack Sprat could eat no fat,
His wife could eat no lean;
And so,
Betwixt them both,
They licked the platter clean.

So, meet Chickie Jack Sprat and his lovely wife Cordelia! :-)

PFATT Tuesday is in full swing on ebay, so when you get a chance you might want to pop
over to Ebay (just enter PFATT in the subject bar) and see what wonderful
Mother Goose themed items the members of PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Talk and Tea) have come up with.

Some lovely Pink Delphinium

When I bought this bush years ago, I was told they were Scottish Bluebells.
I've since seen them in a garden book under another name.... but alas...
I cannot put my hands on it... so.. Bluebells they are!
This is a bush that grows to amazing heights and on the end of each towering stalk
grows vibrant bundles of purple blue trumpet flowers. The bush is just getting going and I'll
show you more photos later.

This is a drought tolerant Pink Rock Rose. The blossoms
remind me of Dogwood flowers.

I was slowed down a bit yesterday while dead heading the flowers and
trimming the groundcover. I was pulling the pine needles out from under the roses when ouch!
... At first I thought it was just a jab from a thorn, (which is usually nothing) but it quickly began to sting rather much and when I looked down, I'd grabed a honey bee that was on the ground! People are always telling me I should wear gloves,
but I much prefer to feel the soil and plant textures with my bare hands.

I've never 
been stung by a bee before, and I must say... I don't recommend it. 
Who would have expected a bee in there anyway? 

I'll be posting Jack Sprat and his wife tonight on Ebay.

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Len said...

Jack and Cordelia are hilarious! I love them. For future stings, by a "Sting Stop" stick, wonderful alliteration. It works. Evidently so does meat tenderizer!