Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coming to a computer near you! Giveaways and more!!!

The EHAG Emporium is nearly upon us, and they're hosting another super giveaway!
Fun pieces from
So you might want to mosey on over to the EHAG Emporium and leave your name for a chance at one of these special folk art creations!
Winners will be drawn on the eve of the EHAG Emporium at 9:00pm (EST)

Yes, it's that time again...
 the EHAG Emporium opens it's doors again on March 31st with new art.
I'll have a new piece this month so please do come back and have a peep
at my little sneak peek before hand!

Yes.... there's more!!!
Coming Soon!

Thought I would give everyone a little heads up that EHAG is holding another

Art Challenge for it's members. Look for some spectacular themed pieces for this one,
"Familiar Friends" between May 9th - 13th 2011.
Keep an eye out next month for little sneak peeks
of these creatures of the night.
I hear Wolves howling, Owls hooting and Cats caterwalling for this one!

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Designs By CK said...

Thanks for the feature (& link)! Looking forward to seeing your Mar. 31st EHAG Emporium piece!

FUN music playlist as well...Legend - Loved was playing when I visited!

CK >:-)