Thursday, July 28, 2011

A bit of a sneak peek for the Ehag Emporium on the 31st!

I've been busy of late, catching up. Bits of this and that,
which when combined together take rather alot of time.
The garden, administering horse therapies, my MFR therapy, researching art styles and
practicing new techniques. I'm always fasinated by the skills of other artists, and make it
a hobby of sorts in looking closely and studying their craftsmanship.
I love the challenge of taking it all in, changing it up,
and attempting to create something out of my usual comfort zone. I ventured out and have played with a bit of fabric with this piece and I'm very happy with it.When it's comes together, it's very satisfying, when it doesn't quite hit the mark, well, I always hear the voice of
the master Carousel woodcarver that I once apprenticed with ....saying,
"We never make mistakes... ...
We make rapid changes in the design."
... Thank you Welby!

I've also been working on several smaller pieces, ornaments, pumkins, and even a Chickie Witch, that will be available in my Etsy shop very soon so be sure to check back.

So, check out the Ehag Emporium on the eve of July 31st, 9:00pm (est) to see
Mrs. Edwena P. Fluffbottom, in all her glory! :-)
Oh... and Ehag has a super giveaway going on right now, so you might want to pop over and sign up!

Have a magical weekend everyone!

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Jeanne said...

That photo is such a tease! :0)

How wonderful to have studied with a Master Carousel carver! And I love the saying!
Have a magickal weekend! :0)