Sunday, July 31, 2011

Presenting Mrs Edwena P. Von Dodo Fluffbottom

Thank you! :-)
Mrs. Edwena P. Fluffbottom, honorary Chair of the Copper Beech Funerary Guild.
Wife of the rare and respected Englebert Von Dodo Fluffbottom.
What does the P., in Edwena P. stand for? Why, Postmortem, of course!

Mrs Edwena is dressed in her finery and awaits
the next service of the day,
dried lavendar and smelling salts at the ready.
Edwena the Dodo, is my offering for this month's
She's hand sculpted of Paperclay,
and is embellished with fine lace, a faux fur coat, feather collar, and a vintage broach.
6 ½” (H)
Signed, and Dated Original
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Johanna Parker said...

Very cool piece Deb!.... Your detail (and imagination) are amazing :)

~ Johanna

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

She is absolutely amazing! One of yoru best for sure:)