Saturday, April 30, 2011

Potion Mistress....

I'm off to a garden tour for the day so I'm listing my Ehag Emporium piece a tad early.

This is the Potion Mistress, mounted atop a sign that reads
Black Hat Potions.

She is hand sculpted out of Papermache and her stragly white hair is sheeps wool.
I've cut the sign in the shape of a witch's hat, faintly seen behind the witch.

There are bat wings made of wire behind the witch's head as well.

The sign is distressed, with copper tacks and acrylic paint.
The Potion Mistress sees all and she awaits the ideal doorway to adorn!

Check out the Ehag Emprium to view this and wonderful Halloween art
from the the artists of Ehag.
To purchase, please my Etsy shop and thank you for looking!

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Karen said...

Hi Deborah... A few weeks ago you won a giveaway on my blog. Am still waiting for you to email me so that I can email you back your prize voucher! :)