Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Delight...

My Mom and I went down to Roger's Gardens in Newport, to see the Spring flowers and
oh my goodness...
what a display!
Not only did we enjoy the flowers but we got a chance to see fellow EHAGer, Vergie Lightfoot's
amazing Spring kittie collection. Like so many other artists work, photos cannot express how wonderful her work is in person. Fantastic!

We also saw such beauties as this purple Anemone above.

Then there were the many varieties of Cineraria, and we had to come home with these two.

This Clematis is the first of the blooms on my plant here at home and this year
it's just loaded with buds. Hooray!
What they say about Perennials is true...
The first year they sleep;
The next year they creep;
The third year they leap!

This is the entry to Rogers Gardens and what a show of Delphinium!
They were everywhere!

This is one of Roger's potted arrangements with the drought tolerant
Kangaroo Paws.

One of my Iceberg roses

The main room at Rogers had these large Horses overhead and birch branches eye-hooked together
hanging in the background, and it gave the impression of a wooded forest around the room.

The Double Delight in my garden is really budding out with the heat we've had these last few days.

This was a wall of ferns at Rogers. I thought it interesting how they combined
Maidenhair, Chinese Painted, Birds Nest fern (to name a few), and Bromeliads to a cooling effect
behind this restful fountain.

Hope you enjoy your day! :-)


Jeanne said...

Beautiful flower pictures! The colors are so vibrant! :0)

Bernice said...

I just came by to see more beautiful things from the ladies of PFATT and was greeted by this beautiful array of flowers. Here in Michigan we are going to get 3 inches of snow, so believe me when I say that it was a real treat for my eyes to see all your beautiful flowers. Thank you

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Beautiful images Deb, love the Clematis :)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Gorgeous! I really want to go there someday. (maybe when I visit you:)
Love the delphiniums, clematis and horses!
ps, whenever I visit your blog I want to watch Legend:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Deborah for the touching tribute to Kenney. He would have been very touched. AJ